133-14. Regulations and procedures.

The agency is authorized to adopt such rules and regulations as it deems necessary and appropriate to carry out the provisions of this Article. The agency is authorized and empowered to adopt all or any part of applicable federal rules and regulations which are necessary or desirable to implement this Article. Such rules and regulations shall include, but not be limited to, provisions relating to:

(1) Payments authorized by this Article to assure that such payments shall be fair and reasonable and as uniform as possible on those projects to which this Article is applicable;

(2) Prompt payment after a move to displaced persons who make proper application and are entitled to payment, or, in hardship cases, payment in advance;

(3) Moving expense and allowances as provided for in G.S. 133-8;

(4) Standards for decent, safe and sanitary dwelling;

(5) Eligibility of displaced persons for relocation assistance payments, the procedure for such persons to claim such payments, and the amounts thereof;

(6) Procedure for an aggrieved displaced person to have his determination of eligibility or amount of payment reviewed by the agency head or its administrative officer; [and]

(7) Projects or classes of projects on which payments as herein provided will be made. (1971, c. 1107, s. 1; 1973, c. 1446, s. 8.)