133-29. Reporting of violations of G.S. 75-1 or 75-2.

Any person having knowledge of acts committed in violation of G.S. 75-1 or 75-2 involving a contract with a governmental agency who reports the same to that governmental agency and assists in any resulting proceedings may receive a reward as set forth herein. The governmental agency is authorized to pay to the informant up to twenty-five percent (25%) of any civil damages that it collects from the violator named by the informant by reason of the information furnished by the informant. The information and knowledge to be reported includes but is not limited to any agreement or proposed agreement or offer or request for agreement among contractors, subcontractors or suppliers to rotate bids, to share the profits with a contractor not the low bidder, to sublet work in advance of bidding as a means of preventing competition, to refrain from bidding, to submit prearranged bids, to submit complimentary bids, to set up territories to restrict competition, or to alternate bidding. (1981, c. 764, s. 1.)