14-16.10. Definitions.

The following definitions apply in this Article:

(1) Court officer. - Magistrate, clerk of superior court, acting clerk, assistant or deputy clerk, judge, or justice of the General Court of Justice; district attorney, assistant district attorney, or any other attorney designated by the district attorney to act for the State or on behalf of the district attorney; public defender or assistant defender; court reporter; juvenile court counselor as defined in G.S. 7B-1501(18a); any attorney or other individual employed by or acting on behalf of the department of social services in proceedings pursuant to Subchapter I of Chapter 7B of the General Statutes; any attorney or other individual appointed pursuant to G.S. 7B-601 or G.S. 7B-1108 or employed by the Guardian ad Litem Services Division of the Administrative Office of the Courts.

(2) Executive officer. - A person named in G.S. 147-3(c).

(3) Legislative officer. - A person named in G.S. 147-2(1), (2), or (3). (1999-398, s. 1; 2001-490, s. 2.35; 2003-140, s. 10.)