§ 143‑143.11B.  Continuing education.

(a) The Board may establish programs and requirements of continuing education for licensees, but shall not require licensees to complete more than eight credit hours of continuing education. Before the renewal of a license, a licensee shall present evidence to the Board that the licensee has completed the required number of continuing education hours in courses approved by the Board during the two months immediately preceding the expiration of the licensee's license. No member of the Board shall provide or sponsor a continuing education course under this section while that person is serving on the Board.

(b) The Board may establish nonrefundable fees for the purpose of providing staff and resources to administer continuing education programs, and may establish nonrefundable course application fees, not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00), for the Board's review and approval of proposed continuing education courses. The Board may charge the sponsor of an approved course a nonrefundable fee not to exceed seventy‑five dollars ($75.00) for the annual renewal of course approval. The Board may also require a course sponsor to pay a fee, not to exceed five dollars ($5.00) per credit hour per licensee, for each licensee completing an approved continuing education course conducted by the sponsor. The Board may award continuing education credit for a course that has not been approved by the Board or for related educational activity and may prescribe the procedures for a licensee to submit information on the course or related educational activity for continuing education credit. The Board may charge the licensee a fee not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) for each course or activity submitted.

(c) The Board may adopt any reasonable rules not inconsistent with this Part to give purpose and effect to the continuing education requirement, including rules that govern:

(1) The content and subject matter of continuing education courses.

(2) The criteria, standards, and procedures for the approval of courses, course sponsors, and course instructors.

(3) The methods of instruction.

(4) The computation of course credit.

(5) The ability to carry forward course credit from one year to another.

(6) The waiver of or variance from the continuing education requirement for hardship or other reasons.

(7) The procedures for compliance and sanctions for noncompliance.

(d) The license of any person who fails to comply with the continuing education requirements under this section shall lapse. The Board may, for good cause shown, grant extensions of time to licensees to comply with these requirements. Any licensee who, after obtaining an extension, offers evidence satisfactory to the Board that he or she has satisfactorily completed the required continuing education courses shall be deemed in compliance with this section.

(e) A manufactured home manufacturer or manufacturer is exempt from the requirements of this section. (1999‑393, s. 1; 2001‑421, s. 2.2; 2005‑451, s. 1.)