Part 2. Buyer Deposit, Escrow or Trust Accounts.

§ 143‑143.50.  Escrow or trust account required.

(a) Dealers shall maintain buyers' deposits in an escrow or trust account with a bank. A dealer shall not commingle any other funds with buyers' deposits in the escrow or trust account.

(b) Dealers shall notify the Board in writing when the escrow or trust account is established. The notification shall include the name and number of the account and the name and location of the bank holding the account.

(c) All buyer funds shall be placed in the escrow or trust account no later than the close of the third banking business day after receipt.

(d) Dealers shall provide buyers with a receipt for all buyer deposits received by the dealer. The receipt shall include the amount of the buyer deposit, the date the deposit was provided to the dealer, and the name and address of the bank where the buyer's funds will be deposited. (2005‑451, s. 6.)