§ 143‑143.52.  Minimum requirements for dealer records for escrow or trust accounts at banks.

The records required for escrow or trust accounts maintained at a bank shall consist of the following and be maintained for a period of five years from the date of purchase:

(1) All bank receipts or deposit slips listing the source and date of receipt of all funds deposited in the account and the name of the buyer to whom the funds belong.

(2) All cancelled checks or other instruments drawn on the account, or printed digital images thereof furnished by the bank, showing the amount, date, and recipient of the disbursement.

(3) All instructions or authorizations to transfer, disburse, or withdraw funds from the escrow or trust account.

(4) All bank statements and other documents received from the bank with respect to the escrow or trust account, including notices of return or dishonor of any instrument drawn on the account against insufficient funds.

(5) A ledger containing a record of receipts and disbursements for each buyer from whom and for whom funds are received and showing the current balance of funds held in the escrow or trust account for each buyer. (2005‑451, s. 6.)