§ 143‑146.  Statement of policy; rule‑making power.

(a) Manufactured homes, because of the manner of their construction, assembly and use and that of their systems, components and appliances (including heating, plumbing and electrical systems) like other finished products having concealed vital parts may present hazards to the health, life and safety of persons and to the safety of property unless properly manufactured. In the sale of manufactured homes, there is also the possibility of defects not readily ascertainable when inspected by purchasers. It is the policy and purpose of this State to provide protection to the public against those possible hazards, and for that purpose to forbid the manufacture and sale of new manufactured homes, which are not so constructed as to provide reasonable safety and protection to their owners and users. This Article provides to the Commissioner all necessary authority to enable the State to obtain approval as a State Administrative Agency under the provisions of the Act.

(b) through (d) Repealed by Session Laws 1999‑393, s. 2.

(e) The Commissioner may adopt rules to carry out the provisions of the Act and this Article, including rules for consumer complaint procedures and rules for the enforcement of the standards and regulations established and adopted by HUD under the Act. (1969, c. 961, s. 3; 1971, c. 1172, s. 2; 1979, c. 558, ss. 5, 6; 1985, c. 487, s. 7; 1987, c. 429, ss. 11, 12, 18, 19; 1999‑393, s. 2.)