§ 143‑151.12.  Powers.

In addition to powers conferred upon the Board elsewhere in this Article, the Board has the power to do the following:

(1) Adopt rules necessary to administer this Article.

(1a) Require State agencies, local inspection departments, and local governing bodies to submit reports and information about the employment, education, and training of Code‑enforcement officials.

(2) Establish minimum standards for employment as a Code‑enforcement official: (i) in probationary or temporary status, and (ii) in permanent positions.

(3) Certify persons as being qualified under the provisions of this Article to be Code‑enforcement officials, including persons employed by a federally recognized Indian Tribe to perform inspections on tribal lands.

(4) Consult and cooperate with counties, municipalities, agencies of this State, other governmental agencies, and with universities, colleges, junior colleges, community colleges and other institutions concerning the development of Code‑enforcement training schools and programs or courses of instruction.

(5) Establish minimum standards and levels of education or equivalent experience for all Code‑enforcement instructors, teachers or professors.

(6) Conduct and encourage research by public and private agencies that shall be designed to improve education and training in the administration of Code enforcement.

(7) Adopt and amend bylaws, consistent with law, for its internal management and control; appoint advisory committees as necessary; and enter into contracts and do other things as necessary and incidental to the exercise of its authority pursuant to this Article.

(8) Make recommendations concerning any matters within its purview pursuant to this Article.

(9) Establish within the Department of Insurance a marketplace pool of qualified Code‑enforcement officials available for the following purposes:

a. When requested by the Insurance Commissioner, to assist in the discharge of the Commissioner's duty under G.S. 143‑139 to supervise, administer, and enforce the North Carolina State Building Code.

b. When requested by local inspection departments, to assist in Code enforcement. (1977, c. 531, s. 1; 1987, c. 564, s. 15; c. 827, s. 226; 1999‑78, s. 3; 2018‑29, s. 2(a); 2022‑62, s. 31.)