§ 143‑151.15.  Return of certificate to Board; reissuance by Board.

A certificate issued by the Board under this Article is valid as long as the person certified is employed by the State of North Carolina or any political subdivision thereof as a Code‑enforcement official, or is employed by a federally recognized Indian Tribe to perform inspections on tribal lands as a Code‑enforcement official. When the person certified leaves that employment for any reason, he shall return the certificate to the Board. If the person subsequently obtains employment as a Code‑enforcement official in any governmental jurisdiction described above, the Board may reissue the certificate to him. The provisions of G.S. 143‑151.16(b) relating to renewal fees and late renewals shall apply, if appropriate. The provisions of G.S. 143‑151.16(c) shall not apply. This section does not affect the Board's powers under G.S. 143‑151.17. (1977, c. 531, s. 1; 1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c. 678, s. 35; 1999‑78, s. 4; 2022‑62, s. 33.)