§ 143‑151.19.  Administration.

(a) The Division of Engineering and Building Codes in the Department of Insurance shall provide clerical and other staff services required by the Board, and shall administer and enforce all provisions of this Article and all rules promulgated pursuant to this Article, subject to the direction of the Board, except as delegated by this Article to local units of government, other State agencies, corporations, or individuals.

(b) The Board shall make copies of this Article and the rules adopted under this Article available to the public at a price determined by the Board.

(c) The Board shall keep current a record of the names and addresses of all qualified Code‑enforcement officials and additional personal data as the Board deems necessary. The Board annually shall publish a list of all currently certified Code‑enforcement officials.

(d) Each certificate issued by the Board shall contain such identifying information as the Board requires.

(e) The Board shall issue a duplicate certificate to practice as a  qualified Code‑enforcement official in place of one which has been lost, destroyed, or mutilated upon proper application and payment of a fee to be determined by the Board. (1977, c. 531, s. 1; 1987, c. 827, ss. 224, 229.)