§ 143‑165.  Approval by Governor and Council of State necessary; covenants in resolutions authorizing bonds.

The several departments, institutions, agencies and commissions of the State of North Carolina, before issuing any revenue bonds as herein provided for any undertaking, shall first receive the approval of the undertaking from the Governor of North Carolina, which action shall be approved by the Council of State before such undertaking shall be entered into and revenue bonds issued in payment therefor in whole or in part.

Any resolution or resolutions heretofore or hereafter adopted authorizing the issuance of bonds under this Article may contain covenants which shall have the force of contract so long as any of said bonds and interest thereon remain outstanding and unpaid as to

(1) The use and disposition of revenue of the undertaking for which the said bonds are to be issued,

(2) The pledging of all the gross receipts or any part thereof derived from the operation of the undertaking to the payment of the principal and interest of said bonds including reserves therefor,

(3) The operation and maintenance of such undertaking,

(4) The insurance to be carried thereon and the use and disposition of the insurance moneys,

(5) The fixing and collection of rates, fees and charges for the  services, facilities and commodities furnished by such undertaking sufficient to pay said bonds and interest as the same shall become due, and for the creation and maintenance of reasonable reserve therefor,

(6) Provisions that the undertaking shall not be conveyed, leased or mortgaged so long as any of the bonds and interest thereon remain outstanding and unpaid.

Provided, however, that the credit of the State of North Carolina or any of its departments, institutions, agencies or commissions shall not be pledged to the payment of such bonds except with respect to the rentals, profits and proceeds received in connection with the undertaking for which the said bonds are issued, and that none of the appropriations received from the State shall be pledged as security for said bonds. (1935, c. 479, s. 3; Ex. Sess. 1936, c. 2, s. 2.)