§ 143‑170.2.  Publication procedure manuals.

(a) The State Librarian in consultation with the State Auditor shall administer and periodically revise guidelines to be used by all State agencies and community colleges in developing publication procedures manuals for public documents. The initial guidelines developed by the Department of Administration shall be released no later than December 1, 1989 and shall address at least the following elements of publication production for public documents:

(1) Bibliographic style, substantially in accord with a recognized style manual approved by the State Librarian; provided, however, the Department shall not develop guidelines concerning the design, layout, size or appearance of publications except as otherwise permitted herein;

(2) Procedures for the notification of the State Library for title changes in serial publications;

(3) Pricing of documents for resale;

(4) Use of publication services at State‑operated printing facilities;

(5) Purchase of commercial publication services; and

(6) The distribution of publications.

The Department of Administration shall submit the initial guidelines to State agencies for review and comment for a period of 60 days; provided, however, that submission to The University of North Carolina System Office shall satisfy this requirement with respect to universities. The Department, in consultation with at least the State Librarian and the State Auditor, shall consider the comments of the State agencies before adopting final guidelines. The Department of Administration shall adopt and release the final guidelines no later than four months after the release of the initial guidelines.

(b) Upon the adoption and release of final guidelines by the Department of Administration, each State agency and community college shall within four months thereafter adopt a publication procedures manual for public documents consistent with the guidelines established pursuant to subsection (a) of this section and an administrative review and approval process to ensure appropriate review and approval of its public documents.

(c) Each State agency and community college shall submit to the State Library for review and retention a copy of its publication procedures manual and its administrative review procedure for public documents. Any revisions made by an agency shall also be submitted to the State Library within 30 days of adoption by the agency.

(d) Repealed by Session Laws 1991, c. 757.

(d1) The State Library may revise the final statewide guidelines, originally issued April 1, 1990, by the Department of Administration, at any time after July 1, 1990, provided that there be distribution of any proposed revisions to all agencies and institutions subject to these provisions, and that there be a 30‑day review period for these agencies to comment. (1989, c. 715, s. 1; 1991, c. 757, s. 1; 2018‑12, s. 18.)