§ 143‑192.  Fund to be invested by Governor and Council of State; State Treasurer custodian.

The Governor and Council of State are hereby fully authorized and directed to invest the said fund exclusively in bonds of the United States of America, of such series as may be readily converted into money and notes or certificates of indebtedness of the United States of America, or in bonds, notes or other obligations of any agency or instrumentality of the United States of America, when the payment of principal and interest thereof is fully guaranteed by the United States of America, and in bonds or notes of the State of North Carolina. The interest and revenues received from such investments, or profits realized in the sale thereof, shall become a part of the said State Post‑War Reserve Fund and shall be likewise invested. Bonds of the State of North Carolina purchased for the said fund shall not be cancelled or retired but shall remain in full force  and the income therefrom reinvested as hereinbefore provided. The State Treasurer shall be custodian of all securities and investments made under authority of this Article. (1943, c. 6, s. 2.)