§ 143‑202.2.  Friends of Elizabeth II support for Roanoke Island Festival Park.

The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources as successor in interest to the Roanoke Island Commission shall request financial support from the Friends of Elizabeth II, Inc., in the amount of three hundred twenty‑five thousand dollars ($325,000) or a sum equal to the average of the last three consecutive years of the Friends' investment earnings, whichever is greater, for each fiscal year. These funds shall be deposited by the Department to a separate fund within the Historic Roanoke Island Fund and used only for the following purposes:

(1) To operate Roanoke Island Festival Park, including the Elizabeth II State Historic Site and Visitor Center and the Elizabeth II as permanent memorials commemorating the Roanoke Voyages, 1584‑1587.

(2) By cooperative arrangement with other agencies, groups, individuals, and other entities, including the Association, to coordinate and schedule historical and cultural events on Roanoke Island. (2017‑57, s. 14.8(b).)