§ 143‑202.3.  Historic Roanoke Island Fund.

(a) The Historic Roanoke Island Fund is established as a nonreverting enterprise fund and shall be administered by the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. The fund shall be used only for the following purposes in addition to those set forth in G.S. 143‑202.2:

(1) The expenses of operating and maintaining the properties managed by the Roanoke Island Historical Association pursuant to G.S. 143‑202.1, including the salaries and benefits of Roanoke Island Festival Park for staff.

(2) Capital expenditures for the properties operated by the Association pursuant to G.S. 143‑202.1.

(3) The restoration, preservation, and enhancement of the appearance, maintenance, and aesthetic quality of U.S. Highway 64/264 and the U.S. 64/264 Bypass travel corridor on Roanoke Island and the grounds on Roanoke Island Festival Park. However, the local government with jurisdiction over the affected portion of the travel corridor shall process the applications for and issue the certificates of appropriateness and shall be responsible for the enforcement of those certificates and any ordinances or rules adopted by the local government regarding that portion of the travel corridor within the local government's jurisdiction, and no reimbursement shall be made from the Fund to any local government for the processing of applications or issuance of certificates of appropriateness or the enforcement of those certificates, local ordinances, or rules.

(4) To identify, preserve, and protect properties located on Roanoke Island having historical significance to the State of North Carolina, Dare County, or the Town of Manteo consistent with applicable State laws and rules.

(b) The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources shall transfer to the Fund on a monthly basis a pro rata share of the utilities, maintenance, and operating expenses of the Outer Banks History Center, which is located in the Roanoke Island Festival Park. The funds received pursuant to this subsection shall be credited to the Historic Roanoke Island Fund.

(c) The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources shall credit to the Historic Roanoke Island Fund all rental proceeds received by the Department from the rental properties located near the Outer Banks Island Farm. (2011‑145, s. 21.2(j); 2014‑100, s. 19.8(a); 2015‑241, s. 14.30(s); 2017‑57, s. 14.8(c).)