§ 143‑50.1.  Division of Purchase and Contract; Contract Management Section.

(a) The Contract Management Section (CMS) is established in the Division of Purchase and Contract, Department of Administration. The CMS shall include legal counsel with the duties and responsibilities included in this section.

(b) Unless otherwise provided in G.S. 114‑8.3(b) or (b1), or in this section, for all proposed solicitations for supplies, materials, printing, equipment, or contractual services that exceed one million dollars ($1,000,000), the CMS shall:

(1) Participate and assist in the preparation of all proposed solicitations, and review all available proposals from prospective contractors, with the goal of obtaining the most favorable contract for the State.

(2) Interpret proposed contract terms and advise the Secretary or the Secretary's designee of the potential liabilities to the State.

(3) Review all proposed contracts to ensure that the contracts:

a. Are in proper legal form.

b. Contain all clauses required by law.

c. Are legally enforceable.

d. Require performance that will accomplish the intended purposes of the proposed contract.

The review and evaluation required by this subsection does not constitute approval or disapproval of the policy merit or lack thereof of the proposed contract.

(c) With respect to proposed contracts for services that exceed five million dollars ($5,000,000), the CMS shall perform the duties required under G.S. 143‑49(3a).

(d) The CMS shall:

(1) Assist State departments, agencies, and institutions to establish formal contract administration procedures and functions.

(2) Advise personnel in contracting specialist roles as to appropriate contract management and administrative techniques and activities.

(3) Act as a general resource to State agencies on contracting issues related to procurement, including contract drafting, clarification of terms and conditions, proper solicitation and bid evaluation procedures, contract negotiation, and other matters as directed by the State Purchasing Officer.

(4) Assist representatives of the Attorney General, agency counsel, and other legal staff, as requested, in matters related to contracting for goods and services.

(e) The Department of Administration shall adopt procedures for the record keeping of the information provided by State agencies and that has been received by the Secretary or the Secretary's designee pursuant to G.S. 114‑8.3(c). The Department shall keep the records, and shall include a log with information that provides identification of individual contracts and where the contract documents are located. The Secretary is authorized to require that entities reporting pursuant to G.S. 114‑8.39(c) provide additional information that may be required to identify the individual contracts.

(f) The CMS shall consist of personnel designated by the Secretary and perform other functions as directed by the Secretary that are not inconsistent with this section. (2013‑234, s. 3.)