§ 143‑59.2.  Certain vendors prohibited from contracting with State.

(a) Ineligible Vendors. – A vendor is not entitled to enter into a contract for goods or services with any department, institution, or agency of the State government subject to the provisions of this Article if any officer or director of the vendor, or any owner if the vendor is an unincorporated business entity, within 10 years immediately prior to the date of the bid solicitation, has been convicted of any violation of Chapter 78A of the General Statutes or the Securities Act of 1933 or the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

(b) Vendor Certification. – The Secretary of Administration shall require each vendor submitting a bid or contract to certify that none of its officers, directors, or owners of an unincorporated business entity has been convicted of any violation referenced in subsection (a) of this section within 10 years immediately prior to the date of the bid solicitation. Any person who submits a certification required by this subsection known to be false shall be guilty of a Class I felony.

(c) Void Contracts. – A contract entered into in violation of this section is void. A contract that is void under this section may continue in effect until an alternative can be arranged when: (i) immediate termination would result in harm to the public health or welfare, and (ii) the continuation is approved by the Secretary of Administration. Approval of continuation of contracts under this subsection shall be given for the minimum period necessary to protect the public health or welfare. (2002‑189, s. 5.)