§ 143‑60.  Rules covering certain purposes.

The Secretary of Administration may adopt, modify, or abrogate rules covering the following purposes, in addition to those authorized elsewhere in this Article:

(1) Requiring reports by State departments, institutions, or agencies of stocks of supplies and materials and equipment on hand and prescribing the form of such reports.

(2) Prescribing the manner in which supplies, materials and equipment shall be delivered, stored and distributed.

(3) Prescribing the manner of inspecting deliveries of supplies, materials and equipment and making chemicals and/or physical tests of samples submitted with bids and samples of deliveries to determine whether deliveries have been made in compliance with specifications. However, the provisions of this subdivision shall not apply to the constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina. The President of The University of North Carolina shall issue regulations or guidelines for the conducting of quality inspections by constituent institutions to ensure that deliveries have been made in compliance with specifications.

(4) Prescribing the manner in which purchases shall be made in emergencies.

(5) Providing for such other matters as may be necessary to give effect to foregoing rules and provisions of this Article.

(6) Prescribing the manner in which passenger vehicles shall be purchased.

Further, the Secretary of Administration may prescribe appropriate procedures necessary to enable the State, its institutions and agencies, to obtain materials surplus or otherwise available from federal, State or local governments or their disposal agencies. (1931, c. 261, s. 11; 1945, c. 145; 1957, c. 269, s. 3; 1961, c. 772; 1971, c. 587, s. 1; 1975, c. 879, s. 46; 1981, c. 268, s. 2; 1983, c. 717, ss. 67, 68; 1985 (Reg. Sess., 1986), c. 955, ss. 89, 90; 1987, c. 282, s. 27; c. 827, s. 217; 2006‑203, s. 85; 2011‑145, s. 9.6G(a).)