§ 143‑64.15A.  Certification of life‑cycle cost analysis.

Each State agency and each State institution of higher learning performing a life‑cycle cost analysis for the purpose of constructing or renovating any facility shall, prior to selecting a design option or advertising for bids for construction, submit the life‑cycle cost analysis to the Department for certification at the schematic design phase and again when it is updated or amended as needed in accordance with G.S. 143‑64.15. The Department shall review the material submitted by the State agency or State institution of higher learning, reserve the right to require an agency or institution to complete additional analysis to comply with certification, perform any additional analysis, as necessary, to comply with G.S. 143‑341(11), and require that all construction or renovation conducted by the State agency or State institution of higher learning comply with the certification issued by the Department. (2001‑415, s. 6; 2007‑546, s. 4.2.)