§ 143‑64.17H.  Report on guaranteed energy savings contracts entered into by State governmental units.

A State governmental unit that enters into a guaranteed energy savings contract or implements an energy conservation measure pursuant to G.S. 143‑64.17L must report either (i) the contract and the terms of the contract or (ii) the implementation of the measure to the State Energy Office of the Department of Environmental Quality within 30 days of the date the contract is entered into or the measure is implemented. In addition, within 60 days after each annual anniversary date of a guaranteed energy savings contract, the State governmental unit must report the status of the contract to the State Energy Office, including any details required by the State Energy Office. The State Energy Office shall compile the information for each fiscal year and report it to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources, the Fiscal Research Division, and the Local Government Commission annually by December 1. In compiling the information, the State Energy Office shall include information on the energy savings expected to be realized from a contract or implementation and shall evaluate whether expected savings have in fact been realized. (2002‑161, s. 8; 2006‑190, s. 5; 2009‑446, s. 1(c); 2011‑145, s. 9.6D(e); 2013‑360, s. 15.22(f); 2015‑241, s. 14.30(u); 2017‑57, s. 14.1(g).)