§ 143‑64.17K.  Inspection and compliance certification for State governmental units.

The provisions of G.S. 143‑341(3) shall not apply to any energy conservation measure for State governmental units provided pursuant to this Part, except as specifically set forth in this section. Except as otherwise exempt under G.S. 116‑31.11, the following shall apply to all energy conservation measures provided to State governmental units pursuant to this Part:

(1) The provisions of G.S. 133‑1.1.

(2) Inspection and certification by:

a. The applicable local building inspector under Article 11 of Chapter 160D of the General Statutes; or

b. At the election of the State governmental unit, the Department of Administration under G.S. 143‑341(3)d.

The cost of compliance with this section may be included in the cost of the project in accordance with G.S. 143‑64.17A(c1) and may be included in the cost financed under Article 8 of Chapter 142 of the General Statutes. (2002‑161, s. 8; 2022‑62, s. 27.)