§ 163‑27.  Executive Director to be appointed by State Board.

(a) The State Board shall appoint an Executive Director for a term of two years with compensation to be determined by the Office of State Human Resources.

(b) The Executive Director shall serve beginning May 15 after the first meeting held after new appointments to the State Board are made, unless removed for cause, until a successor is appointed.

(c) The Executive Director shall be responsible for staffing, administration, and execution of the State Board's decisions and orders and shall perform such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the State Board.

(d) The Executive Director shall be the chief State elections official. (1973, c. 1409, s. 3; 1985, c. 62, s. 2; 2001‑319, s. 11; 2017‑6, ss. 4(c), 7(f); 2018‑146, ss. 3.1(a), (b), 3.2(e).)