17E-4.1. Advisory powers of the Commission.

The Commission shall have the following powers, which shall be advisory in nature and for which the Commission is not authorized to undertake any enforcement actions:

(1) Certify, pursuant to the standards that it has established for the purpose, justice officers for those law-enforcement agencies that elect to comply with the minimum education, training, and experience standards established by the Commission for positions for which advanced or specialized training, education, and experience are appropriate.

(2) Consult and cooperate with counties, agencies of this State, other governmental agencies, and with universities, colleges, junior colleges, and other institutions, public or private, concerning the development of training schools and programs or courses of instruction.

(3) Study and make reports and recommendations concerning justice education and training in North Carolina.

(4) Conduct and stimulate research by public and private agencies which shall be designed to improve education and training in the administration of justice.

(5) Study, obtain data, statistics, and information and make reports concerning the recruitment, selection, education and training of persons serving justice agencies in this State; to make recommendations for improvement in methods of recruitment, selection, education and training of persons serving sheriffs' offices.

(6) Study and make reports and recommendations to the Governor, Attorney General, Chief Justice, President of the Senate and Speaker of the House, concerning the manpower, salary and equipment needs of the sheriffs of the State.

(7) Make recommendations concerning any matters within its purview pursuant to this Chapter.

(8) Appoint such advisory committees as it may deem necessary.

(9) Do such things as may be necessary and incidental to the administration of its authority pursuant to this Chapter.

(10) Formulate basic plans for and promote the development and improvement of a comprehensive system of education and training for the officers and employees of agencies consistent with its rules and regulations.

(11) Maintain liaison among municipal, State and federal agencies with respect to education and training.

(12) Promote the planning and development of a systematic career development program for sheriffs' office personnel. (1983, c. 558, s. 1; 1995, c. 103, s. 5; 2021-107, s. 3(a), (c); 2021-182, s. 3(c).)