18B-1001.3. Authorization of wine shipper packager permit.

The holder of a wine shipper packager permit may provide services for the warehousing, packaging, and shipment of wine on behalf of a winery holding a wine shipper permit. A wine shipper packager permit authorizes the holder to receive, in closed containers, wine produced by and belonging to a wine shipper permittee and to place the unopened wine in containers or packaging materials as a service to the wine shipper permittee in connection with the marketing and sale of its wine products. A wine shipper packager may package and return wine products to the wine shipper permittee or, on behalf of the wine shipper permittee, may package and ship wine products in closed containers to individual purchasers inside and outside this State in accordance with the provisions of G.S. 18B-1001.1. The permit may be issued to a USDA-approved company specializing in warehousing and contract packaging. (2006-227, s. 6.)