18B-1002.1. Special auction permit.

(a) Permit Authorized. - A permit may be issued upon application to an auction firm or auctioneer licensed by the North Carolina Auctioneers Commission pursuant to Chapter 85B of the General Statutes to allow the licensed auction firm or auctioneer to sell at auction items described in G.S. 18B-1002(a)(4). An auction held under this section may receive competing bids that are in person or by telephone, fax, or online.

(b) Conditions of Permit. - A permit issued under this section is valid only for the auction specified in the permit. Any sales under this permit are subject to the purchase restrictions in G.S. 18B-303.

(c) Administrative Procedure. - Denial or revocation of a permit under this section does not entitle the applicant or permittee to a hearing under Chapter 150B of the General Statutes. (2017-87, s. 3(c).)