18B-1008. Rules concerning retail permits.

The Commission is authorized to use broad discretion in further defining the kinds of places eligible for permits under this Article. The rules may state the kind and amount of food that shall be sold to qualify in each category, the relationship between food sales and other receipts, the size of the establishment required for each category, the kinds of facilities needed to qualify, the kinds of activities at which alcoholic beverages may not be sold, and any other matters which are necessary to determine which businesses are bona fide establishments of the kinds listed in G.S. 18B-1000. Rules concerning private clubs may also include requirements that the club have a membership committee to review all applications for membership, that the club charge membership dues substantially greater than what would be paid by a one-time or casual user, that the club restrict use by nonmembers, and that the club provide facilities or activities other than those directly related to the use of alcoholic beverages. (1981, c. 412, s. 2; 2009-381, s. 1.)