18B-1010. Sale and delivery of more than one drink at a time to a single patron.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, the holder of an on-premises malt beverage permit, on-premises unfortified wine permit, on-premises fortified wine permit, or mixed beverages permit issued under G.S. 18B-1001 may sell and deliver alcoholic beverage drinks to a single patron with the following limitations:

(1) Not more than two alcoholic beverage drinks at one time if the alcoholic beverage drinks are any of the following:

a. A malt beverage.

b. Unfortified wine.

c. Fortified wine.

(2) Not more than one alcoholic beverage at one time if an alcoholic beverage drink is a mixed beverage or contains spirituous liquor.

(b) Repealed by Session Laws 2021-150, s. 11.1(a), effective September 10, 2021, and applicable to the sale and delivery of alcoholic beverages on or after that date. (2019-182, s. 13(a); 2021-150, s. 11.1(a).)