18B-1112. Authorization of vendor representative permit.

(a) Authorized Acts. - The holder of a vendor representative permit may represent an unfortified winery, fortified winery, limited winery, brewery, bottler, importer, nonresident malt beverage vendor, or nonresident wine vendor, either as an employee or an agent, to solicit orders for that commercial permittee's product. The vendor representative may sell, deliver, and ship alcoholic beverages in this State only to permittees to whom the commercial permittee he represents may sell, deliver, or ship.

(b) Number of Permits. - A vendor representative shall secure a separate permit for each commercial permittee he represents. A permit may not be issued without the approval of the commercial permittee. (1981, c. 747, s. 63; 1981 (Reg. Sess., 1982), c. 1262, s. 21.)