18B-1114.3. Authorization of wine producer permit.

(a) Authorization. - The holder of a wine producer permit may:

(1) Ship crops grown on land owned by it in North Carolina to a winery, inside or outside the State, for the manufacture and bottling of unfortified wine from those crops and may receive that wine back in closed containers.

(2) Sell, deliver, and ship the unfortified wine manufactured from its crops in closed containers to wholesalers and retailers licensed under this Chapter as authorized by the ABC laws and also sell to exporters and nonresident wholesalers when the purchase is not for resale in this State.

(3) Regardless of the results of any local wine election, sell the wine manufactured from its crops for on-or off-premise consumption upon obtaining the appropriate permit under G.S. 18B-1001.

(b) Limitation on Sales. - The holder of a wine producer permit may not sell, in total, annually, more than 20,000 gallons of wine manufactured off its premises from crops it has grown. (2001-262, s. 4; 2001-487, s. 49(c).)