18B-1206. Transfer of business.

(a) No winery may unreasonably withhold or delay consent to any transfer of the wholesaler's business or transfer of the stock or other interest in the wholesaleship whenever the wholesaler to be substituted meets the material and reasonable qualifications and standards required of the winery's wholesalers.

(b) Notwithstanding subsection (a), no winery may withhold consent to, or in any manner retain a right of prior approval of, the transfer of the wholesaler's business to a member or members of the family of the wholesaler. Subsequent to such a transfer, the rights and obligations of the wholesaleship and its owners are in all respects governed by the provisions of this Chapter. As used in this subsection, "family" means the spouse, parents, siblings, and lineal descendants, including those by adoption, of the wholesaler. (1983, c. 85, s. 2.)