18B-706. Ethics requirements for local boards.

(a) Each local board shall adopt a policy containing a code of ethics, consistent with the provisions of G.S. 18B-201, to guide actions by the local board members and employees of the local board in the performance of their official duties. The policy shall address at least all of the following:

(1) The need to obey all applicable laws regarding official actions taken as a local board member or employee.

(2) The need to uphold the integrity and independence of the local board member or employee's position.

(3) The need to avoid impropriety in the exercise of official duties.

(4) The need to faithfully perform the duties of the position.

(5) The need to conduct the affairs of the board in an open and public manner, including complying with all applicable laws governing open meetings and public records.

(b) Each member of a local board shall receive a minimum of two hours of ethics education within 12 months after initial appointment to the office and again within 12 months after each subsequent appointment to the office. The ethics education shall cover laws and principles that govern conflicts of interest and ethical standards of conduct for local ABC boards. The education may be provided by the Commission or another qualified source approved by the Commission. The local board shall maintain a record verifying receipt of the ethics education by each member of the local board. The local board may require appropriate ethics training and education for employees of the local ABC board.

(c) The Commission shall develop a model ethics policy that local ABC boards may adopt to be in compliance with this section. (2010-122, s. 21.)