Article 3.

Probation and Parole.

1E-20. Cherokee Marshals Service.

(a) The Supreme Court of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is authorized to establish a probation and parole agency known as the "Cherokee Marshals Service."

(b) Marshals of the Cherokee Marshals Service shall (i) be required to meet the standards set forth in G.S. 1E-12 for law enforcement officers and (ii) have the same territorial jurisdiction, powers, and immunities as a law enforcement officer under G.S. 1E-12.

(c) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, marshals of the Cherokee Marshals Service shall have access to all probation and parole records of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety to the same extent as a probation or post-release supervision officer of the Department for any person over which the Cherokee Tribal Courts have jurisdiction to proceed in a criminal case and impose a sentence, including a fine, community service, or imprisonment. The Department may enter into a memorandum of understanding addressing the specifics of transferring information to the Cherokee Tribal Courts. (2015-287, s. 1.)