§ 25A‑35.  Statement of account.

(a) One time during each 12‑month period following execution of a consumer credit installment sale contract and when the buyer repays the debt early, the buyer shall be entitled upon request and without charge to a statement of account from the seller. The statement of account shall contain the following information identified as such in the statement:

(1) The itemized amounts paid by or on behalf of the buyer to the date of the statement of account, except that upon early termination of the contract by prepayment or otherwise, the statement shall include itemized charges for expenses of repossession, storage and legal expenses;

(2) The itemized amounts, if any, which have become due but remain unpaid, including any charges for defaults, expenses of repossession and deferral charges;

(3) The number of installment payments and the dollar amount of each installment not due but still to be paid and the remaining period the contract is to run.

(b) The buyer may request and shall be entitled to additional statements of account but for such additional statements the seller may impose a charge of one dollar ($1.00).

(c) If the buyer requests information for income tax purposes as to the amount of the finance charges, the seller shall provide such information within 30 days without charge but only once in each calendar year. (1971, c. 796, s. 1.)