Article 1A.

Wage Liens.

§ 44-5.1.  Wages for two months' lien on assets.

In case of the insolvency of a corporation, partnership or  individual, all persons doing labor or service of whatever character in its regular employment have a lien upon the assets thereof for the  amount of wages due to them for all labor, work, and services rendered within two months next preceding the date when proceedings in insolvency were actually instituted and begun against the corporation, partnership or individual, which lien is prior to all other liens that can be acquired against such assets: Provided, that the lien created by this section shall not apply to multiple unit dwellings, apartment houses, or other buildings for family occupancy except as to labor performed on the premises upon which the lien is claimed. This section shall not apply to any single unit family dwelling. (1901, c. 2, s. 87; Rev., s. 1206; C.S., s. 1197; 1937, c. 223; 1943, c. 501; 1955, c. 1345, s. 4.)