45-14. Acts of trustee prior to removal not invalidated.

If any such trustee who has been substituted as provided in G.S. 45-10 or in G.S. 45-11 shall have performed any functions as such trustee and shall thereafter be removed as provided in G.S. 45-10 to 45-17, such removal shall not invalidate or affect the validity of such acts insofar as any purchaser or third person shall be affected or interested, and any conveyances made by such trustee before removal if otherwise valid, shall be and remain valid and effectual to all intents and purposes, but if any trustee upon such hearing is declared to have been wrongfully removed, he shall have his right of action against the substituted trustee for any compensation that he would have received in case he had not been wrongfully removed from such trust. (1931, c. 78, s. 5; 1941, c. 115, s. 3.)