§ 47A-36.  Time to vacate; right of first refusal to purchase.

(a)        A declarant of a condominium containing conversion buildings, and any person in the business of selling real estate for his own account who intends to offer units in such a condominium, shall provide each of the residential tenants and any residential subtenant in possession of a portion of a conversion building notice of the conversion as well as an offering statement as provided in G.S. 47A-35 no later than 90 days before the tenant or subtenant are required to vacate. The notice shall set forth generally the rights of tenants and subtenants under this section and section (b) of G.S. 47A-36. This notice shall be hand-delivered to the unit or mailed by prepaid United States mail to the tenant and subtenant at the address of the unit or any other mailing address provided by a tenant. No tenant or subtenant may be required to vacate upon less than 90 days' notice, except by reason of nonpayment of rent, waste, conduct that disturbs other tenants' peaceful enjoyment of the premises or breach of lease giving rise to the right of repossession of the unit by the declarant, and the terms of the tenancy may not be altered during that period. Failure to give notice as required by this section is a defense to an action for possession.

(b)        For 30 days after the delivery of the notice described in subsection (a), the person required to give the notice shall offer to  convey each unit or proposed unit occupied for residential use to the tenant who leases that unit. The tenant can accept an offer under this section by entering into an agreement to purchase within the 30-day period. The tenant shall be allowed a 30-day period after acceptance in which to complete a purchase transaction. This subsection does not apply to any unit in a conversion building if that unit will be restricted exclusively to nonresidential use or the boundaries of the  converted unit do not substantially conform to the dimensions of the residential unit before conversion.

(c)        If a declarant, in violation of subsection (b), conveys a unit to a purchaser, recordation of the deed conveying the unit extinguishes any right a tenant may have under subsection (b) to purchase that unit, but does not affect any other right of a tenant. (1983, c. 624, s. 1.)