§ 48‑2‑305.  Petition for adoption; additional documents.

The petitioner shall file or cause to be filed the following documents:

(1) Any required affidavit of parentage executed under G.S. 48‑3‑206.

(2) Any required consent or relinquishment that has been executed.

(3) A certified copy of any court order terminating the rights and duties of a parent or a guardian of the adoptee.

(4) A certified copy of any court order or pleading in a pending proceeding concerning custody of or visitation with the adoptee.

(5) A copy of any required preplacement assessment certified by the agency that prepared the assessment or an affidavit from the petitioner stating why the assessment is not available.

(6) A copy of any document containing the information required under G.S. 48‑3‑205 concerning the health, social, educational, and genetic history of the adoptee and the adoptee's original family which the petitioner received before the placement or at any later time, certified by the person who prepared it, or if this document is not available, an affidavit stating the reason why it is not available.

(7) Any signed copy of the form required by the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, Article 38 of Chapter 7B of the General Statutes, authorizing a minor to come into this State, or any statement required by G.S. 48‑2‑304(c) describing the circumstances of any noncompliance.

(8) A writing that states the name of any individual whose consent is or may be required, but who has not executed a consent or a relinquishment or whose parental rights have not been legally terminated, and any fact or circumstance that may excuse the lack of consent or relinquishment.

(9) In an adoption pursuant to Article 4 of this Chapter, a copy of any agreement to release past‑due child support payments.

(10) Any consent to an agency by a placing parent and adopting parents to release identifying information under G.S. 48‑9‑109.

(11) A certificate as required by G.S. 48‑3‑307(c), if the person who placed the minor executes a consent before receiving a copy of the preplacement assessment.

(12) A certified copy of any judgment of conviction of a crime specified under G.S. 48‑3‑603(a)(9) establishing that an individual's consent to adoption is not required.

Any document required under this section that is available to the petitioner when the petition is filed shall be filed with the petition. Any document required under this section that is not available when the petition is filed shall be filed as the document becomes available. The petitioner may also file any other document necessary or helpful to the court's determination. (1949, c. 300; 1953, c. 906; 1961, c. 186; 1969, c. 911, s. 7; c. 982; 1975, c. 702, ss. 1‑3; 1977, c. 879, s. 5; 1985, c. 758, ss. 10, 11; 1995, c. 457, s. 2; 1997‑215, s. 1; 1998‑202, s. 13(m); 2001‑150, s. 3; 2005‑166, s. 4; 2013‑236, s. 5.)