Part 5.  Custody of Minors Pending Final Decree of Adoption.

§ 48‑3‑501.  Petitioner entitled to custody in direct placement adoptions.

Unless the court orders otherwise, when a parent or guardian places the adoptee directly with the petitioner, the petitioner acquires that parent's or guardian's right to legal and continuing physical custody of the adoptee and becomes a person responsible for the care and support of the adoptee, after the earliest of:

(1) The execution of consent by the parent or guardian who placed the adoptee;

(2) The filing of a petition for adoption by the petitioner; or

(3) The execution of a document by a parent or guardian having legal and physical custody of a minor temporarily transferring custody to the petitioner, pending the execution of a consent. (1949, c. 300; 1995, c. 457, s. 2.)