§ 48‑3‑702.  Procedures for relinquishment.

(a) A relinquishment executed by a parent or guardian must conform substantially to the requirements in this Part and must be signed and acknowledged under oath before an individual authorized to administer oaths or take acknowledgments.

(b) The provisions of G.S. 48‑3‑605(b), (e), (f), and (g) also apply to a relinquishment executed under this Part.

(b1) An individual before whom a relinquishment is signed and acknowledged under subsection (a) of this section shall certify in writing that to the best of the individual's knowledge or belief, the parent, guardian, or minor to be adopted executing the relinquishment has met each of the following:

(1) Read, or had read to him or her, and understood the relinquishment.

(2) Signed the relinquishment voluntarily.

(3) Been given an original or copy of his or her fully executed relinquishment.

(4) Been advised that counseling services are available through the agency to which the relinquishment is given.

(5) Been advised of the right to seek the advice of legal counsel before executing the relinquishment.

(c) An agency that accepts a relinquishment shall furnish each parent or guardian who signs the relinquishment a letter or other writing indicating the agency's willingness to accept that person's relinquishment. (1995, c. 457, s. 2; 1997‑215, s. 7(a); 2013‑236, s. 10; 2015‑264, s. 44(b); 2019‑172, s. 7(c).)