§ 62‑110.4.  Alternative Operator Services.

The Commission shall not issue a certificate of public convenience and necessity pursuant to G.S. 62‑110(b) to any interexchange carrier which the Commission has determined to have the characteristics of an alternative operator service unless the Commission shall have determined that class of interexchange carriers to be in the public interest and shall have promulgated rules to protect the public interest and to require, at a minimum, that any such interexchange carrier assure appropriate disclosure to end‑users of its identity, services, rates, charges, and fees.  In order to effectuate notice to end‑users, the Commission may, notwithstanding any other provision of law, require that any person owning or operating a facility for the use of the travelling or transient public which has contracted with such an interexchange carrier prominently display an end‑user notice provided for in the Commission's rules. (1989, c. 366.)