74-27. Appraisers; appointment and duties.

Upon the hearing of the petition, if the prayer thereof be granted, the clerk shall appoint three disinterested persons, qualified to act as jurors, and not connected either by blood or marriage with the parties, appraisers to assess the damage, if any, that will accrue to the lands by the contemplated work, and shall issue a notice to them to meet upon the premises at a day specified, not to exceed 10 days from the date of such notice. The appraisers having met, shall take an oath before some officer qualified to administer oaths to faithfully perform their duty and to do impartial justice in the case, and shall then examine all the lands in any way to be affected by such work, and assess the damage thereto, and make report thereof under their hands and seals to the clerk from whom the notice issued. (1871-2, c. 158, ss. 4, 5, 9; Code, ss. 3295, 3296, 3299; Rev., s. 4955; C.S., s. 6922.)