§ 87-129.1.  Fee to defray operating costs.

The Board is authorized to impose an annual fee on operators in order to provide sufficient moneys to fund the activities and operations of the Board in reviewing reports of alleged violations of this Article. The fee shall be based on volume of notifications provided by the Notification Center to an operator as compared to the total volume of notifications to all operators in the preceding fiscal year and shall be set at a rate determined by the Board such that the total proceeds of all fees collected shall not exceed two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) annually to fund the activities and operations of the Board. The Board may exclude de minimis contributors from any fee assessment under this subsection. Failure to pay the assessed fee within 30 days of when the fee is due is a violation of this Article, and the Board may seek the imposition of a penalty for the nonpayment under the procedures set forth in G.S. 87-129(b1). (2019-189, s. 1.)