87-62. Only one person in partnership or corporation need have license.

(a) A corporation or partnership may engage in the business of refrigeration contracting if one or more persons connected with the corporation or partnership is registered and licensed as herein required, and the licensed person executes all contracts, exercises general supervision over the work done thereunder and is responsible for compliance with all the provisions of this Article. The Board may determine the number of businesses and the proximity of the businesses one to another over which the licensed person may be responsible.

(b) For purposes of this section, the licensee's connection to the corporation or partnership shall be in the form of a written contract that is executed prior to the corporation or partnership engaging in refrigeration contracting.

(c) Nothing in this Article shall prohibit any employee from becoming licensed pursuant to the provisions thereof. (1955, c. 912, s. 11; 1998-216, s. 4.)