93D-1.1. Hearing aid specialist; scope of practice.

The scope of practice of a hearing aid specialist regulated pursuant to this Chapter shall include the following activities:

(1) Fitting and selling hearing aids.

(2) Eliciting patient histories.

(3) Performing hearing evaluations.

(4) Administering and interpreting tests of human hearing.

(5) Referring, as appropriate, for cochlear implant evaluation or other clinical, rehabilitative, or medical intervention.

(6) Determining candidacy for hearing aids, tinnitus management devices, and other assistive listening devices.

(7) Providing hearing aid, tinnitus management device, and assistive device recommendations and selection.

(8) Performing hearing aid fittings, programming, and adjustments.

(9) Assessing hearing aid efficacy utilizing appropriate fitting verification methodology.

(10) Performing hearing aid repairs.

(11) Administering cerumen management in the course of examining ears.

(12) Making ear impressions, and preparing, designing, and modifying ear molds.

(13) Providing counseling and rehabilitation services related to hearing aids.

(14) Providing supervision and in-service training for apprentices in fitting and selling hearing aids.

(15), (16) Repealed by Session Laws 2014-115, s. 42.3(a), effective August 11, 2014. (2013-410, s. 32.5(b); 2014-115, s. 42.3(a).)