§ 93E‑1‑9.  Nonresident licensure and certification.

(a) An applicant from another state may become licensed or certified in North Carolina by conforming to all of the provisions of this Chapter and, in the discretion of the Board, such other terms and conditions as are required of North Carolina residents applying for licensure or certification in such other state.

(b) The Board, in its discretion, may undertake to license or certify on a reciprocal basis, persons licensed or certified in another state if the appraiser licensing and certification program of the other state is in compliance with 12 U.S.C. § 3331, et seq.

(c) The Board may by rule establish a procedure for granting temporary appraiser licensure or certification and may charge an application fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) for temporary appraiser licensure or certification.

(d) Every applicant for State licensure, or certification under this Chapter who is not a resident of this State shall submit with his application an irrevocable consent that service of process in any action against the applicant arising out of the applicant's activities as a State‑licensed or State‑certified real estate appraiser may be made by delivery of the process on the Executive Director of the Board. (1993, c. 419, s. 6; 2001‑399, s. 1; 2019‑146, s. 2.)