§ 93E‑2‑5.  Compliance manager.

Each appraisal management company registered under this Article shall designate a compliance manager who is responsible for ensuring the company operates in compliance with this Article. The compliance manager shall be a certified real estate appraiser on active status and in good standing, certified under Article 1 of this Chapter or under the comparable laws of another state. The appraisal management company shall file a form with the Board indicating the appraisal management company's designation of compliance manager and the individual's acceptance of the responsibility. An appraisal management company shall notify the Board of any change in the appraisal management company's compliance manager. Any appraisal management company that does not comply with this section shall have the appraisal management company's registration suspended pursuant to G.S. 93E‑2‑8 until the appraisal management company complies with this section. An individual operating an appraisal management company as a sole proprietorship shall be considered the compliance manager for purposes of this Article. (2010‑141, s. 1.)