§ 93E‑2‑9.  Records.

(a) The Board shall maintain a list of all applicants for registration under this Article that includes for each applicant the date of application, the name and primary business location of the applicant, and whether the registration was granted or refused.

(b) The Board shall maintain a current roster showing the names and places of business of all registered appraisal management companies that lists the appraisal management companies' respective officers and directors. The rosters shall: (i) be kept on file in the office of the Board; (ii) contain information regarding all orders or other action taken against the company, its officers, and other persons; and (iii) be open to public inspection.

(b1) The Board shall report annually by December 31 to the Department of Revenue the following information about registered appraisal management companies:

(1) Name and name used to do business in the State.

(2) Main address of company.

(3) Name and address of agent for service of process in the State if not domiciled in the State.

(4) Legal structure, such as domestic corporation, foreign corporation, domestic partnership, or foreign partnership.

(5) Employer identification number or social security number.

(6) Secretary of State identification number if required.

(c) Every registered appraisal management company shall maintain the accounts, correspondence, memoranda, papers, books, and other records related to services provided by the appraisal management company as prescribed in rules adopted by the Board, including in electronic form. All records shall be preserved for five years unless the Board, by rule, prescribes otherwise for particular types of records.

(d) If the information contained in any document filed with the Board is or becomes inaccurate or incomplete in any material respect, the appraisal management company shall promptly file a correcting amendment to the information contained in the document. (2010‑141, s. 1; 2012‑65, s. 1.)