§ 97-45.  Reducing to judgment outstanding liability of insurance carriers withdrawing from State.

Upon the withdrawal of any insurance carrier from doing business in the State that has any outstanding liability under the Workers' Compensation Act, the Insurance Commissioner shall immediately notify the North Carolina Industrial Commission, and thereupon the said North Carolina Industrial Commission shall issue an award against said insurance carrier and commute the installments due  the injured employee or employees, and immediately have said award docketed in the superior court of the county in which the claimant resides, and the said North Carolina Industrial Commission shall then cause suit to be brought on said judgment in the state of the residence of any such insurance carrier, and the proceeds from said judgment after deducting the cost, if any, of the proceeding, shall be turned over to the injured employee, or employees, taking from such employee, or employees, the proper receipt in satisfaction of his claim. (1933, c. 474; 1979, c. 714, s. 2.)