97-61.3. Second examination and report.

As soon as practicable after the expiration of one year following the initial examination by the advisory medical committee and when ordered by the Industrial Commission, the employee shall again appear before the advisory medical committee, at least one of whom shall conduct the examination, and the member or members of the advisory medical committee conducting the examination shall forward the X rays and findings to the member or members of the committee not present for the physical examination. Within 30 days after the completion of the examination, the advisory medical committee shall make a written report to the Industrial Commission signed by all of its members, setting forth any change since the first report in the employee's condition which is due to asbestosis or silicosis, said report to be filed in triplicate with the Industrial Commission, which shall send one copy thereof to the claimant, and one copy to the employer by registered mail or certified mail. The claimant and employer, or either of them, shall have the right only at the final hearing provided for in G.S. 97-61.4 to examine or cross-examine the members of the advisory medical committee respecting the second report of the committee. (1935, c. 123; 1945, c. 762; 1955, c. 525, s. 2; 1959, c. 863, s. 2.)