§ 97-61.4.  Third examination and report.

As soon as practicable after the expiration of two years from the first examination and when ordered by the Industrial Commission, the employee shall appear before the advisory medical committee, or at least two of them, for final X rays and physical examination. Upon completion of this examination and within 30 days, the advisory medical committee shall make a written report setting forth:

(1)        The X rays and clinical procedures used by the committee.

(2)        To what extent, if any, has the damage to the employee's lungs due to asbestosis or silicosis changed since the first  examination.

(3)        The opinion of the committee, expressed in percentages, with respect to the extent of impairment of the employee's ability to earn in the same or any other employment the wages which the employee was receiving at the time of his last injurious exposure to asbestosis or silicosis.

(4)        Any other matter deemed pertinent by the committee.

Said report shall be filed in triplicate with the Industrial Commission which shall send one copy thereof to the claimant and one copy to the employer by registered mail or certified mail. (1935, c. 123; 1945, c. 762; 1955, c. 525, s. 2; 1959, c. 863, s. 3.)